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14 ago

I’ve added on the website a new version of Xplora 2 with

beta support of the PSP-Go internal storage and some other minor fixes.

The new version (2.06) should work flawlessy on every PSP.

30 mag

I proud to be here to release Xplora 2, it’s a long time since Xplora 1.8 was released
just because I’ve thought to leave the project, not because I don’t like it but because
I’ve not enough time to work on it anyway here we are.
Xplora 2 is not just an updated version of Xplora 1.8 but a completely new application.
This shell is conceived not to be “another” shell but something that has to be innovative.
Xplora 2 is writed entirely in C to make the app as dinamical and fast as possible.
Every part of code is writted by my own, I’ve not copied any code for other applications
(exeption made by some examples for ME Mp3 playing etc…)
The project is very big and the work I’ve done on it is simply awesome, it’s almost 2 years I’m working on it,
not continuously but something similar.
I’ll also release an sdk to build application for Xplora 2 using all the internal libraries.
Every application would be very simple to write with the Xplora Sdk as well as integrate the Xplora
FileManager, as soon as I can I’ll upload a complete tutorial and the SDK to give devs a good reference!!!

- COMPATIBLE with any PSP with CFW 4.01 onwards (includes 6.XX)
- NOT Compatible with the internal storage of PSP-GO ( I’m working on it but I need time )

Xplora 2 – Features -
|—- To enable Xplora autoboot just add to the vsh.txt (seplugins) the file name XfwModule.prx
under Xplora/module directory.
|—-Hold START when booting up the PSP to start the XMB
|—-Press NOTE to change the display brightness with 6 levels.
|—-The firmware Module also replace (in memory, the flash0 isn’t touched) the XMB Gameboot Video
with the one under Xplora/themes/FwGameboot.pmf
|—-Pressing START+HOME in the XMB will startup Xplora

- Desktop
|—-You can easily add\rename or delete an item to desktop 1, 2 or 3 simply
pressing O on a item in the file manager and choosing Create Link To…!
|—-Any internal application can be added selecting “New link” from the menu (Press O to open)
|—-ISO\CSO files and PBP files icons are displayed as the file icon

- Image Viewer -> (JPG, BMP and PNG files are supported)
|—-Supports only images that are not bigger than 512×512 due to hw limitation,
I’m working to find a workaround (It’s a mine one graphic lib, that’s why!! :( )

- Music Player -> (MP3 and OGG format supported)
|—-Press HOME to play backroung
|—-ID3 v1 & v2 informations
|—-Low processor and so battery usage.

- Text Editor
|—-Edit your favourite text files while listening to music or dumping an UMD Disk!!
|—-Hold HOME for a while to go to Xplora while the Text Editor is restricted to the System Tray,
just click on it to restart working on your documents.

- Arc Manager -> (ZIP and 7z files are supported)
|—-I’m having some problems with my toolchain for RAR support,
I’ll add it as soon as possible.

- PMF Player -> (Every PMF file is supported)
|—-Shell Integrated support, no need to use ext. apps or restart.

- Homebrew Sorter
|—-Let’s short every application as you want!!
|—-Directories configuration can be changed editing XhbSettings.db (rename as XhbSettings.txt to edit)
adding\removing any directory ( for example CAT_Games if you have the Homebrew Categoriser Plugin )

- Games & Applications
|—-Start any application just as the XMB obviously returning to Xplora when exiting a game
|—-Directories config. are the same as the Homebrew Sorter

- UMD Dumper
|—-Dump your UMD directly to Memory Stick in ISO or CSO format,
also the file name changes automatically depending on game title
|—-Background Dump supported –> Press and hold HOME for a while ;)

- Nand Dumper
|—-Dump your PSP Nand memory to Memory Stick if .bin format compatible
with the most of the flasher applications.
|—-Background Dump supported –> Press and hold HOME for a while ;)

- Plugins Manager
|—-Manager CFW plugins directly from Xplora with a simple but effective user interface.

- Internet & Xplora Home
|—-Surf the internet with full memory usage (PSP 2000+ only) and keep updated on the
Xplora offical webpage.

What else, let’s see any application writed for Xplora with the Offical SDK.

Xplora 2 – Supporters -

Thanks to all the beta-testers:
fsi09, cerberus, bsanehi, rey b, eXaphor, Xplora Fanboy and Predrag Bajic

The language translators:

Benjamin999 – Dutch translation
fsi09 – German translation
SpeedT – Lithuanian translation
Predrag Bajic – Serbian\Croatian traslation
Psprekiem – Spanish traslation
Cardant – French translation

Here is the shell, I hope you enjoy!! :D

13 mag

Xplora 2 is written to be as dinamical as possible,

so any language can be added easily but I need a traslator

for this work so if anyone want’s to add a language just reply.

As soon as I complete the project beta I’ll send you the english language file.

Here is the current available languages:

- English

- Italiano

- Dutch

- German

- Lithuanian

- Serbian/Croatian

- Spanish

- French

12 mag

Xplora it is distrubuted as free, so please, consider donating.

5 mag

I’ll constantly update this thread with new screens,

anyway I’ll post only a few of the all new Xplora 2 extra features.

P.S: ( Something is probably gonna change…)

The new music player

The new music player

The all new plugins manager

The new Plugins Manager
The new Plugins Manager

The new UMD Dumper

The new UMD Dumper
The new PMF Player

The new Pmf Player

The new image viewer
The new Image Viewer

The new Image Viewer

A new app to view & start games and homebrews

The new app to view and start games and homebrews

Random stuff

Random stuff

And finally the new Xplora 2 user interface

The new Xplora 2 interface

The new Xplora 2 interface

3 mar

It’s a long time since my last visit, anyway I’ll be synthetic.
I finally decided to finish the project just because
I thought about use Xplora 2 for my final school exam,
I’m sure enough that the project will be a good one.
I hope it will be a good news for you!!!
My best regards,


24 dic

Merry Christmas by Ne0h & Psycho!

8 gen

After a long time I’m here to release a new version of Xplora,

here is some notes and the download link.
XploRa 1.8

Release date: 02/01/2009

Compatibility: 4.01 M33 and highter


In this release I’ve improved all the old things and the base engine.

The Text Editor is not now completed and will be probably modified in the next release.

The new Homebrew Sorter works fine, but have two problems.

There’s a bug in one function that I use to open ISO\CSO files,

it’s a M33 function, so I cannot fix it.

In the last CF ( 5.00 M33-4) one of these problems was fixed up,

anyway for the unpatched cfw I’ve added an alternative patch to make Homebrew Sorter working…

The second problem doesn’t unmount the last ISO\CSO mounted,

so when you exit the Homebrew Sorterm, you can find in the UMD Disc device a ISO\CSO,

and not the real UMD one.


+ Now at startup the CPU clock is setted to 222Mhz ( 333 is no longer needed )

+ Improved the “Zip manager” that have some bugs in the previous release

+ Added automatic management in the messagebox

+ Added new GUI elements to the main windows manager

+ Added two progressbar while copying\moving folders

+ Improved the “Umd Dumper” with a new interface and some improved functions

+ Added “DAX” support to the “Umd Dumper”

+ Added a new dynamic mouse  ( Hold [] and move the analog to scroll list)

+ Improved some functions for copying

+ Added some info in the main System Info window

+ Fixed the bootstrap module that have some problems in the previous release

+ Improved the global memory usage

+ Improved the main file manager

+ Added a history feature in the file manager

+ Added a simple utility that can dump the entire NAND on the MS

+ Improved the management of some threads and tasks

+ Improved the visualization in the system tray

+ Improved the “Homebrew Sorter” that now shows the icons and the real names of homebrews, ISO’s and CSO’s

+ Improved the GUI of the “Music Player”

+ Added “.ogg” support in the “Music Player”

+ Improved the library used to get the Mp3 files infos with some new functions

+ Improved the Mp3 Player that now use Media Engine to decode audio

+ Now during the Music Player the main CPU clock is setted to minimum values

+ Now you can listen to music while using the “Text Editor”

+ Added fadeout effetc to the Mp3 Player

+ Now when the screen is disabled doesn’t go to standby

+ Added scree fadeout in the Music Player

+ Now if the headphone is removed while playing some music, music are automatically paused

+ Now you can have a image for background in the main File Manager

( “background.png” in “data” foldef)

+ Completely rewrited the Text Editor, that shows a lot of problems of memory management and rendering speed

+ Fixed some bugs in the loading function of the OSK

+ Note: The Text editor is not 100% completed now, so can have some bugs, sorry!

+ Improved the PMF Player, that now doesn’t need to be rebooted

+ Now while viewing some movies you can force stop it with “HOME” button

+ Added a cfw check to enable run only on 4.01 and highter cfw

( Is recommended to update to the last cfw ( 5.00 M33-4 ) for a better compatibility )


For info or bug’s report:

hw32 ( AT ) hotmail ( DOT ) it

or on PSP with the link to “Xplora Home” in the Applications menu


Thanks to Phobox for the help with UMD Dumper and some other things

Thanks to Dark_Alex for the help given

Thanks to all guys


This program uses intraFont by BenHur

Download attached! ;)

And some screenshot:

Download Xplora 1.8



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